Friday, June 1, 2012

You know you are ADHD when.....

O.k. so the school year has ended and my classroom is all closed out but do you think everything was organized and ready for next way! My worst offenses are putting things where they don't belong and filing! If I could do away with the filing I would be a happy camper. So with the way my ADHD brain works the projects in my classroom seem overwhelming, I can't just focus on a small part or one piece to the puzzle. I have to worry about it all at once. I know my son feels the same so I have put plans into place at home to help. As an adult I have learned coping mechanisms over the years and here is what I am using to help my ADHD child and I stay organized (by no means are we even close to perfect!)

1. Everything has a home and stays there unless being used, must be returned before bedtime.
2. Every home has a label with a picture and the name of what belongs, a list for bins that are home to more than one object.
3. Half an hour of cleanup before bedtime routine.
4. We try to keep each other accountable by setting a timer for cleanup time, encouraging and helping the other. On days when Mommy is exausted he is so sweet and helps as much as he can. On days when he is depleted I either help him or give him a "pass." I let him earn cleanup passes each week that he cleans up as expected. I then allow him to use them on days when he has sleepovers, late activities or he is tired. Of course this means double the cleanup the next day!
5. Weekly/Daily Job chart: Not only for my son but for me as well. I break down my weekly cleaning by day and make sure to get it done as much as possible to set a good example for my boys. For example each of us has a laundry day. Tuesday is my sons laundry day so after school he starts his wash before doing his homework, changes it to the dryer right before dinner and I help him fold and put it away after dinner. (He is awesome about routine, I am the worst offender in our house when it comes to cleaning!)
6. Praise and rewards for a job well done, a happy family too!

I hope you can use some of these ideas with your children ADHD or not. Thanks for visiting, please join my blog for more ADHD posts to come.

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