Monday, May 14, 2012

How do ADHD kids learn?

I was recently asked by a parent how do kids like hers learn? You might have guessed already, her kids are ADHD. Here is what I told her:

ADHD kids learn through three facets: visual,auditory and kinesthetics, a combination of the three will give teachers a better chance of solidifying concepts in ADHD children.

Why is this any different from "typical" children? Becasue ADHDers need ALL THREE FOR EVERYTHING! (Sorry I know the caps but I have to get this point across) Most children can learn through noe facet, they can take in information auditorally, store it in the right part of the brain and recall it when needed. ADHDers cannot do this. Not only can they not store information properly but reacll is an entirely other issue.

So, how do we teach ADHDers, we engage them visually, engage them with sound/voice and engage them in movement. Whether that movement is manipulating toys for the lesson or allowing a child to move about the room is up to you.

****The point is as an ADHDer myself I could pace a room, wiggle my feet or chew my pencil looking as if in a daydream but I could answer a teachers question without pause. Those little guys are still listening even if it seems they are not!****

So, give them a visual memory, an auditory memory and a kinesthetic memory and watch the learning that takes place, this is good for all children not just ADHDers.

Till next time,